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Tens of thousands march worldwide against Monsanto and GM crops

The Guardian (May 24 2015): The third annual March Against Monsanto – begun by the Occupy movement – was held in around 400 cities in more than 40 countries from the Americas to Africa and Europe.

About 2,500 people staged anti-Monsanto protests in the Swiss cities of Basel and Morges, where the company has its headquarters for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Up to 3,000 protesters, rallied by environmental organisations including Greenpeace and anti-capitalist group Stop TAFTA, gathered in Paris, with Monsanto’s market-leading herbicide Roundup the main targets of protesters’ anger.

The controversial product’s main ingredient was recently classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organisation.

“Looking for mass suicide? Go for Roundup,” read one placard at another French protest in the western city of Rennes.

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You can access a full list of the locations of Monsanto's facilities around the world by visiting: http://occupy-monsanto.com/facilities/

Monsanto's Dark History 1901-2013 - http://bestmeal.info/monsanto/company-history

A Beginner's Guide To Boycotting Monsanto
Activist Post (2013) - After the worldwide March Against Monsanto last Saturday that saw over 2 million protesters in more than 52 different countries, the awareness of Monsanto’s genetically modified and pesticide laden food is at an all time high. Increasing numbers of people are looking to not only avoid Monsanto but to get healthier in the process. Here are 5 ways to do just that. - (LINK ABOVE)

GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating
(NaturalNews) Due to lack of labeling, Americans are still left at a loss as to whether or not what is on the table is genetically modified. This lack of information makes the avoiding and tracking of GM foods an exercise in futility. Below are just some of the food products popularly identified to be genetically modified... - (LINK ABOVE)

VIDEO: "Food Inc. is a great place to start because it steps back and presents a complete picture of our food system. This documentary explains how large corporations like Monsanto have done a complete overhaul of agriculture and farming. Their primary focus is efficiency rather than quality of food. This way of thinking has created problems that didn't used to exist. The corporations then solve these problems with high tech fixes which in turn cause their own problems. It's a vicious cycle that takes us further and further away from nature's design. From GMO's to fast food to the FDA, this film covers it all."

National Geographic is now the propaganda arm of Monsanto, Big Pharma
(NaturalNews) It's said to be one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world. But the National Geographic Society, which publishes the popular National Geographic magazine, sure takes in a lot of money from the drug and biotechnology industries, as evidenced by the multi-page advertising spreads littering its print periodical.

After blowing the lid recently on National Geographic's shameless endorsements for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and vaccines, we decided to pick up the latest issue of National Geographic to see who's funding the magazine these days. Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly every ad was for pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, GMOs or crop chemicals. - (LINK ABOVE)

March Against Monsanto explodes globally... World citizens stage massive protests across 38 countries, 428 cities... mainstream media pretends it never happened
(NaturalNews) The March Against Monsanto exploded across the planet today as protesters took to the streets in 38 countries and 428 cities to protest the world's most evil corporation: Monsanto. (Tweet this story #MarchAgainstMonsanto)

Protesters from New York, London, Berlin, Paris and even across South America, Asia and India rallied against the toxic agricultural practices of Monsanto, a corporation whose business model depends on poisoning the citizens of the planet, destroying the agricultural ecosystem, monopolizing the seed supply and hiring online character assassins to attack anyone who opposes its agenda.

Protesters worldwide took to the streets today to demand GMO labeling and bans on Roundup (glyphosate), the toxic herbicide chemical that even the World Health Organization recently linked to cancer. "We need to stop feeding humanity such a vile toxin," said one protester.

Watch the protest compilation video from RT here: (see more pictures below) - (LINK ABOVE)

Note: Among many other mega-corp donations to Hillary Clinton's campaign, (and the Foundation?), is Monsanto, whom she represented once, and has other ties. Donald Rumsfeld, who helped sell biological weapons to Iraq, has always been Monsanto's main man. I suspect Monsanto is a major reason we are in Ukraine. Monsanto was begun by, among others, WWII NAZI's who fled to the USA after the war. It has also mass-produced chemical weapons of war, most notably the notorious Agent Orange. There are countless stories in the news as to its graft, so to speak, and inhumane dealings.

YouTube: Government Orders Youtube to Censor March on Monsanto, D.C. & Protest Videos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVIegfvzIgE

2010 Video: Peasants March Against Monsanto Hybrid Seeds in Haiti - http://www.mediahacker.org/2010/06/video-peasants-march-against-monsanto-hybrid-seeds-in-haiti/

Monsanto gets its corporate behind handed to it on a platter by Daily Show - http://www.naturalnews.com/042156_Monsanto_Daily_Show_seed_patents.html